giovedì 11 novembre 2021


Hi everyone! I know I usually speak about fashion for women, but today I would like to make an exception and tell you about a new fashion online store for men I’ve recently discovered, that is called Wayrates.

We are just over a month to Christmas, and it’s time to think about gifts for your brother, boyfriend, or guy friends. Wayrates can be the solution: here you can find in fact a wide range of clothes, accessories, and shoes for men, at a good value for money.

The style is sporty and casual and is perfect for men who are adventurous and enjoy experiencing nature. There’s also a little section dedicated to women, just in case you’re adventurous too!

What's on Wayrates?

Let’s have a closer look at this interesting site. It’s very easy to do shopping here since the items are divided into categories so that you can find quickly what you’re looking for. Here are the different sections:

  • Flash sale (the discounts that end so fast... hurry up and don't miss them!)
  • New arrivals
  • Hot trends
  • Tops
  • Bottoms
  • Outerwear
  • Footwear
  • Sport & Outdoors
  • Accessories
  • Women

I particularly like the wide selection of men's tactical clothing. Now that is cold outside, it is good to spend a weekend in the mountains and enjoy a walk in the snow or a cup of chocolate in a beautiful chalet.

On these occasions, it is better to wear warm clothes, such as this tactical sweater, available in a lot of different colors and now online at 23% off. The fabric is breathable and high quality and the style is practical but classic at the same time.

Mens Outdoor Warm 
And Breathable Tactical Sweater

Also, I like this blue jacket with a zip, comfortable and sporty. What do you think about it?

Men's Outdoor Retro Warm
Tactical Pocket Fleece Jacket

Speaking about promos...

It is also worth speaking about the special promos on Wayrates, which make shopping here even more convenient. For example, you can get:

  • 10% off on your first order
  • Free shipping if you spend at least $99
  • Coupon codes for big orders

…and much more! Why don’t you profit from these amazing offers and go stock up on mens vintage t shirts? Here you can find casual and easy-to-wear ones!

This one for example has long sleeves and a classic print and can be paired with jeans and a sweater.

Men's Outdoor Comfortable and Breathable 
Retro Printed Long-Sleeved T-shirt

And what about this one with the “Martini” logo on it? I think it’s very nice!

Men's Martini Racing
Printed Long Sleeve T-shirt

Did you already know Wayrates? Let me know in the comments below!


giovedì 4 novembre 2021

Holapick - Shopping for Fall

Hi, my dear ones! Today I would like to tell you about another beautiful online fashion store, that is called Holapick. You certainly know how I love doing shopping for the fall season, and I think that this site is totally worth it!

At Holapick you can find all kinds of clothing, shoes, and accessories, following the ultimate trends. The style is casual but with a touch of elegance… that never hurts! I particularly like the fact that you can shop by trends, so you can find without fail the look you have in mind. Currently, for example, there's a great selection of floral print and plaid print clothing, which are precisely perfect for fall.

Add to that shopping is so convenient at Holapick… you definitely should go and have a look at the site, you won’t regret it!

What's on Holapick?

Doing shopping on this site is very easy. At the top of the homepage you can browse the list of the different categories:

  • New Arrivals
  • Best Sellers
  • Trends
  • #HolaD (their special fashion designer collection)
  • Bottoms
  • Outerwear
  • Shoes

Holapick selection of trendy women’s clothing is so huge that it allows you to build up practically all kinds of outfits. You can play with different shapes and colors and have fun creating your own style.

Me, for instance, I like wearing shirts and sweatshirts during the fall season, mixing cozy and trendy styles. I just selected two items to explain to you better.

I love this warm black jumper with a white snowflake printed on it… I think it’s perfect now that temperatures are lowering and reminds me that Christmas is just around the corner!

Round Neck Snowflake Print
Long Sleeve Sweatshirt

And what do you think about this grey shirt? I think the asymmetric shape is very original, and I adore the plaid details and the little buttons on the hips.

Fashion Check Print Stack Neck
Long Sleeve Casual T-shirt

And If... I would like to dress up?

Holapick is not only for casual girls. A particular aspect I like about this fashion style is that items are simply easy to match together. The result is that you can dress them up or down according to the occasion or just your taste.

To give you an example, I made a selection of all the beautiful fashion tops for women  available now on the site.

This red wine blouse is perfectly paired with both a pair of black pants for the office or blue jeans for a walk, don’t you think?

Zips Plain Shirts&Blouses

Finally, here is a lovely fluffy white sweater with puff sleeves and lace detail. You can dress it down with jeans, for an everyday look, or dress it up with a pencil black skirt for a romantic dinner.

Fashion V-Neck
Lace Stitching Sweater

Have you already done shopping fo fall season? What do you think about my Holapick selection?