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Black Friday at Popopieshop

Hi everyone! Do you remember Popopieshop ? I told you about this site in a previous post but, if you don’t remember let me just refresh your memory :)  Popopieshop is a fantastic online fashion store for babies, kids, and families . I don’t know about you, but I like baby clothes, they are so cute! Here you can find a great variety of clothing and accessories for all ages (baby, toddler kids…) and most of them have the exact match for adults. The other most interesting thing about this site is that you can shop by occasion and festivities. That means that there are a lot of items Halloween and Christmas themed… don’t you feel like shopping for your kids? For practical info: Popopieshop ships almost worldwide and accepts a lot of payment methods (credit and debit cards, Paypal) To make an order, you just have to register and add your product to shopping cart... easy, right? Your order will be shipped in 15-20 business days (with Standard Shipping Service) or in 15-20 business days (