martedì 28 dicembre 2021

New Bags at Baginning

Hi everyone! Do you like bags? I don't know about you, but I'm totally obsessed with this accessory, I would like to have one for each of my outfits! Obviously, that is not possible; however, I like from time to time shopping for new bags. Speaking of which, I've recently discovered a new fashion online store that is called Baginning

On this site, you can find any kind of bag you could imagine: tote bags, clutches, crossbody bags... there is something for all tastes! All the items are high quality and specially designed following the new fashion trends. 

Whether you’re searching for a shopping bag to put in all you need in everyday life, or you want something elegant to complement your night-out outfit, on Baginning you can certainly find what you’re looking for.

What's on Baginning?

Let’s have a closer look at this site. The items are divided into different categories, to make shopping easy for everyone. In particular, there are:

  • Ladies Bags, that you can filter by shape or use: backpacks, shoulder bags, hobo bags
  • Recommended Bags: the most special bags on Baginning, divided by material, size, and occasion
  • Reviews: what customers think about this beautiful site
  • Blog: news and style advice

Moreover, Baginning ships in most countries in the world, Italy included. Delivery time is about 3-18 business days (for stand shipping time) or 1-6 business days (for express shipping time).

So, here is a little selection I made to show you what you can find here...


I think there are some accessories you can’t do without, and a hobo bag is one of them. Hobos are easy to wear, comfy, and can be filled with everything you need. Here there’s a great variety of models made with different materials, such as leather, faux leather, Pvc, tissue…

I particularly like this red leather hobo bag; I think it is easy to match with different looks because of its super simple shape. Also, the color it’s perfect for the winter season.

Red Leather Hobo Bags
Shoulder Handbags for Office Lady

 A Clutch to Sparkle All Night

Moving on to accessories for a night out, clutches are the perfect touch of elegance to add to a chic dress a pair of high heels. Baginning offers a lot of sparkling clutches, which can make you feel like a princess!

What do you think about this beautiful golden rhinestone sequined clutch? It is also available in blue, turquoise, and silver.

Gold Pendant Rhinestone
Beaded Sequined Box Clutch Bags

Also, for special occasions, you need something really impressive. Now that we are in the Holiday season, for example, elegance is the priority. On Baginning you can find find the most refined Anniversary sequined clutches, which are rich in details such as beads applications, jewel handles, and precious fabric.

I love this blue envelope clutch, it’s so simple but so sophisticated! I think it’s perfect for a formal event or a ceremony.

Royal Blue Sequined Envelope
Clutch Purse Evening Bags

So, do you like my selection? Are you going to shop at Baginning? Let me know in the comments below :) 

Kisses and Happy 2022!